How Braces Improve Oral Health

Braces from your orthodontist in Sicklerville, and Voorhees, NJ, can transform your smile!

Did you know braces can improve your oral health? It’s true, in fact, braces can help your smile in many amazing ways. They can give you a straight, beautiful smile that you will be proud to show off. They can also give you a smile that is healthier and easier to maintain.

Dr. Ajit Patel of Braces 101 Orthodontics in Sicklerville, and Voorhees, NJ, offers a wide range of orthodontic options to improve your oral health and give you the beautiful, straight smile you deserve.

Let’s talk about what braces can do to improve the health of your smile. A straight smile is:

  • Easier to keep clean; brushing and flossing will be a breeze because you won’t catch floss in between your teeth. You won’t have to worry about shredding floss and creating a haven for plaque and bacteria to hide.
  • Helpful to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and periodontal disease; because cleaning your mouth is so much easier, a straight smile helps keep plaque from causing damage to your teeth, gums, and supporting bone.
  •  Less likely to be damaged; tooth wear, erosion, abrasion, and other problems caused by aging and everyday habits are less likely when you have a straight smile. That means less chance of you needing dental treatment in the future.
  • Less stress on your bite; This means less tooth trauma, and less chance of needing root canal therapy. It also means less chance of stress to your jaws, and less chance of you suffering from jaw joint problems, known as TMJ.

These are just a few of the ways braces can help you have a healthier smile. You owe it to yourself and your smile to find out more about how braces can improve your oral health. Call Dr. Patel of Braces 101 Orthodontics in Sicklerville, NJ, at (856) 728-7775, or in Voorhees, NJ, at (856) 428-0700. Call now! You may even text us to schedule an appointment! 856-318-4441.