Orthodontic care for kids and teens

Give your kids every chance for good self-esteem and a bright future.

Being a kid is challenging enough. But it can be harder for a kid with crooked teeth. Their self-esteem and social life can be profoundly – and negatively – affected. This is especially the case for teenagers who are making the transition from childhood to adulthood, which is rarely easy. Crooked teeth can also affect bite, hinder proper hygiene and contribute to speech disorders, gum disease and other functional growth problems.

Kids and teens can smile with confidence.

The orthodontic practice of Dr. Kevin Walker offers comprehensive orthodontic care for kids and teens. To help them have a lifetime of healthy, attractive and confident smiles, Dr. Walker starts by assessing their orthodontic concerns. Then he’ll recommend a treatment program based on your child’s individual needs. Your child’s treatment is carefully planned based on Dr. Walker’s extensive experience and is delivered using the latest methods and top-quality materials – all at family friendly fees.

Options and conveniences your child will love.

Dr. Patel offers all the modern orthodontic options in a fun atmosphere:

  • Invisalign Teen
  • Self-ligating braces for shorter treatment times
  • Ceramic Cosmetic Braces
  • Mini braces
  • Spotify, Amazon Alexa and more to entertain you!
  • Waiting room arcade
  • Chairside PSP video games
  • Fun games and motivational year-round contests
  • Movies and TV

Give your child the compassion they deserve and the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile. Call Dr. Kevin Walker today.

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