Wearing Your Retainer

Have you been using braces for years, and it’s time to remove them? Do you think that your orthodontic treatment is over? Well, this may not be true. In many cases, the teeth that are straightened with braces shift back to their original alignment. You can prevent this relapse from happening by getting retainers from your Sicklerville, and Voorhees, NJ, dentist, Dr. Ajit Patel of Braces 101 Orthodontics.

What are retainers?

Retainers are custom-made orthodontic devices made out of plastic or metal. They are worn to keep your teeth alignment the way it is after having orthodontic treatment. Retainers in Sicklerville, and Voorhees, NJ, are removable and can be taken out daily. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and produce a custom-made retainer that fits them perfectly.

What are the dental conditions that can be treated with retainers?

While the most common cause of using retainers is to prevent the teeth from shifting after braces, they are also used to treat other dental problems. Your dentist may recommend a retainer to move one tooth or to close a gap between two teeth. In these cases, you may need to wear the retainer for years to get the job done, and braces will not be needed. In other cases, retainers can be used to reduce symptoms related to medical conditions other than teeth shifting. An example of these symptoms is tongue thrusting. Dr. Patel can fabricate a retainer in a way to prevent your tongue from moving forward when you speak.

How to get the habit of wearing your retainers?

The first few days of wearing the retainer can be challenging. When you start wearing the retainer, you might feel soreness in your teeth. But be sure that there is nothing to worry about, the soreness will disappear by itself, and you will get used to your retainer. At the beginning of the treatment, your dentist may recommend wearing the retainer all the time. With time, you may be recommended to wear it few times a week.

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